After a traumatic injury, it is important to receive the right care for your recovery. If your injury includes damage to the joints, spine, or musculature, it may be a good idea to see a chiropractor in addition to your other physicians. Often, doctors will prescribe pain medications that help you feel better, without solving the real issue. Your body is an amazing machine that is capable of repairing some of the damages it endures, but it usually needs help working in the right direction. Drs. Abrams, Piazza, and Julewicz work with you to ensure that your recovery is on the right track.

Sports Injuries

As an athlete, your body is put through incredible demands in order to perform. Athletic activities such as running, throwing, and tackling can lead to serious injuries. Most athletes will suffer from strains, sprains, and tears during their careers. But, working with a chiropractor can help you both prevent and recover from such injuries. Treatment and prevention of neck, back, shoulder, knee, spine, and ankle injuries can be vital to maintaining your body. When exercising and training to keep your body in peak physical condition, you cannot afford to neglect it.

Pinched Nerves

When you suffer from a pinched nerve, it is important to receive the proper care. When surrounding tissue comresses a nerve, it can become pinched. This can commonly occur from rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic injury, stress from poor ergonomics, and weight-related issues like obesity. Chiropractic care for pinched nerves helps guide your healing through gentle adjustments. This lets your body heal without the need for invasive surgeries.

Automobile and Work-Related Injuries

automobile damaged in severe crash - whole body injury concept imageIf you have sustained injuries as a result of an automobile accident, suffered a personal injury, or have been hurt on the job, prompt access to rehabilitative care may be essential for a full recovery. The office of Drs. Abrams, Piazza, and Julewicz specializes in treating these injuries by utilizing numerous techniques and tools to provide relief for both traumatic injuries and chronic conditions.

If you receive an injury while at work, you should contact your supervisor and inform them of the accident. If you are hurt in an auto accident, you should contact your insurance company and report it. Upon contact, they will provide the patient with the necessary paperwork to document their injury. It is important to be evaluated by a healthcare professional as soon as possible following a work-related or auto accident. This will minimize any long-term effects caused by the accident.

The doctors at the office of Drs. Abrams, Piazza, and Julewicz understand the sensitive nature of these types of injuries. Our team works closely with our patients toward their complete recovery.

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Conditions

doctor treating pregnant patient - whole body pre- and post-natal care conceptChiropractic care can offer safe and effective relief for many unique health challenges faced by pregnant women. The American Pregnancy Association recommends chiropractic care during pregnancy for controlling symptoms of nausea; reducing the time of labor and delivery, and the potential for cesarean delivery; relieving back, neck, and joint pain; and maintaining the expectant mother’s overall health and comfort.

Repetitive Overuse Injuries

doctor treating knee pain from repetitive overuse - body injury concept for chiropractor practiceRepetitive overuse Injuries, whether the result of occupational demands, poor posture, past injury, or athletic activities, can take a toll on your body. Chronic soft-tissue stress from repetitive motion can cause your body to produce tough, dense scar tissue that can impair joint function and alter movement patterns. Signs of a possible overuse injury can include pain, loss in the range of motion, loss of strength, numbness, and weakness. Usually, these injuries have components of soft-tissue dysfunction, joint dysfunction, and movement pattern dysfunctions, which all must be assessed and addressed to fully resolve the condition.

Exercise, while highly encouraged for its health benefits, can also be a cause of repetitive overuse injuries. For example, running and cycling can cause repetitive stress to your entire body. Stabbing pain that persists, or mild discomfort that becomes severe, are signals that something may be wrong.

The office of Drs. Abrams, Piazza, and Julewicz specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of overuse injuries, regardless of cause or origin. We offer tools and techniques to assess and eliminate tissue, joint, and movement pattern dysfunction, chiropractic manipulation for joint dysfunction, and functional rehabilitation for movement pattern dysfunction and stabilization. Our multi-dimensional approach offers a broad prescription for relief. Contact us to schedule an appointment for any of your chiropractic needs.